Big Sound & Lighting, Better Attendance & Revenue

Looking to GROW your attendance? Better attendance makes everyone happy: the promoter, the artist and the patron.

The trick is how do you grow at a manageable pace, all the while making big steps forward that get noticed by artists and patrons.

It really boils down to communication. Communication with your production company on a very real and open level holding nothing back. We want you to SUCCEED as much as you do. When you win and you will, it makes us very happy! Think of us as your cheerleaders but with trucks, stages, sound and lights.

  • Be realistic. Your event had 5,000 in attendance last year, the goal this year should not be 50,000 but realistically 9,000. Substantial controlled growth will get you noticed and generate better revenue. Being prepared with the proper infrastructure and services is key.
  • Have real revenue growth goals. Communicate where you want to be. We can suggest different levels of production to help achieve your event goals. 

Production options are limitless and as you know Big Sound and Lights make everyone happy!

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