Concert, Festival and Corporate Show Production


Mobile stages, sound and lighting production – this is our business. It all started one summer doing a few sound and lighting shows but within months the word had gotten out that So Bright Productions was the premier production company in the Midwest. Quickly after that, the addition of mobile stages and video walls just came natural. Now So Bright Productions is sought after to provide mobile stages, sound and lighting production for concerts, festivals, theater and corporate events all over the United States.

Stage Production - Exceeding Expectations

The So Bright goal and purpose at every show or event has always been the same. Purpose, to support the artist and client in all production oriented applications. Goal, to produce and deliver a show that exceeds artists, clients and attendees exceptions. Take a look. You’ll be happy you did.

Concert or Corporate, set the stage for success!

Seeing with your ears & hearing with your eyes

Close your eyes for a moment, be still, listen to the artists and what they are communicating. Then let the absence of sight transform your thoughts. Next open your eyes and take it all in, both the sights and the sounds. Now the sights with the sounds will form a uniform thought and feeling. It all matters to the show, and if one lacks it’s just not the same. The success of your show depends on both.

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Corporate video production in minnesota

Our company is a collection of amazing people and some pretty incredible equipment.