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The perfect audio mixer, that’s simple to use and packs a POWERFUL punch of technology!

Bluetooth compatible, switchable PRO series mic and the LIVE AUDIO app puts you in control of calling the game, entertaining the audience and creating new revenues.

Playball pro mixer


The Game

Once set up, the mixer is "Set and Forget". Everything is run with the app and the mic. Announcers use the NEW PRO series mic optimized for announcing. Connect a device via Bluetooth and play music, sound bites, commercials, pump/hype music.


Generate NEW revenue at your next game with audio sponsorships and commercials. It's an all new REVENUE STREAM!

AT Practice

Coach or players can connect via Bluetooth and play pump music from the field (one connection at a time and within 100' mixer line of site).

Audio app*

The iPad/iPhone Live Cue audio app (downloaded from the Apple App Store) provides an easy one touch access to your commercials and PUMP/HYPE music. It's all at your finger tips!


Playball is your POWERFUL and yet simple to use live audio mixer!

Connect via Bluetooth, computer and mic inputs all from the front panel. Adjust volume and tone simply with our optimized dual knob adjustment.

Use the Live audio app and select music, sound bites and commercials all with a simple touch.

Announce the perfect game, sound amazing, entertain the crowd, play hype/pump music and generating new revenue with the Playball mixer. 

*A $25 Apple App Store gift card is included with mixer purchase to cover the $15 purchase price of the Live Cue audio app. 

Hook up your Playball

Easy setting setup

How to use the Live Audio App